Next litter:
We are opening a waiting list for the next litter (spring 2023).
A litter for dog sports, which is for experienced people.
Expected to:
Medium to high drive, lots of energy, and lots of instinct.
Please note that it is possible that the ears will be natural at this time, depending on the law that will pass in Quebec.
  • You must pick up the puppy in Quebec (we do not send puppies by cargo)
  •  This is not your first high drive dog/preferably not your first Doberman
  • You have a “performance” profile and/or you have a “project”: you are already well involved in your dog sport (agility, IGP, etc.) and can prove it or you have been and can prove it
  • You may have a family, children, or other dogs, but you also meet point 3.
We want to know about you ! Tell us about you, your lifestyle and your plans by email: [email protected]


UKC CH And Princess Yolanda Thea PTT TT CSAU WAC NTD MVB

DCM1 = Clear
DCM2 = Clear
vWd = 2 copy
DM = Clear
DING = Clear
MDR1= Clear
( Embark )
Holter & ECG =Normal
Hips = Excellent
Elbows = Normal
Thyroïde = Normal
Eyes (CERF)= Normal
Theia’s personal page


UKC CH Heto Vom Koby Haus ATT, WAC
(male from an external kennel)

D.O.B: 01-02-2018
DCM1 = Clear
DCM2 = Clear
vWD = Clear
DM = Clear
DING = Clear
MDR1 = Clear
Hips OFA good
ECG-Holter : normal
Eyes CERF: normal
Thyroid: normal

Heto’s ofa profile >


Puppy Heto Vom Koby Haus


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Elsa Vom Koby Haus Chaos Vom Koby Haus
Uzel Vom Aurachgrund
And princess Yolanda Thea.

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