Our puppies

  • Puppies will have their tails cropped by an Ontario veterinarian between 3 and 5 days of age (if the law still allows it in Ontario).
  • Puppies will receive their first parvovirus vaccine at 6 weeks and the second parvovirus/distemper vaccine at 8 weeks. You will receive the vaccination health record, deworming according to the results of faecal test and health certificate. If necessary, you will have deworming doses to continue the treatment at home.
  • The ears will be cropped if you wish (between 7 and 10 weeks) by our veterinarian (if the law still allows it in Ontario).
  • If you choose cropped ears, you must plan travel and extra costs to redo the tutors so that the ears will hold. We can also refer you to people closer geographically to you to help you, but you should know that it is not done by magic and that there is patience to invest so that the ears hold well.
  • Our puppies will be microchipped by our veterinarian and of course, registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.
  • They come with their start kit (blanket impregnated with the smell they know, necklace, leash, food for a few days).
  • They will have begun their socialization with cats, other dogs (different breeds and sizes), men, women, children, teenagers. They will have had a very diversified awakening room (textures, unstable modules, noises).
  • A neutral canine educator (so not me 🙂 ) will evaluate the puppies (several times during their development) to ensure a perfect match with the adopter.
  • Our adopters are registered on a private Facebook group where it is easy for them to get support, ask questions or just give us news about their puppy.
  • All our dogs are registered in the Doberman Diversity Project (DDP). This registration implies that we may have other health tests to administer in the future. Therefore, as an adopter, you must keep us informed of any changes involving your dog (for example, what the dog eats, what type of exercise it does, if you move, etc.) because we must notify the DDP of any changes regarding the registered dogs.
  • We want to protect the puppies from our breeding. The adoption contract stipulates that we take back the dogs in case of abandonment (regardless of the reason for abandonment). You cannot sell or give away a dog from our kennel without first going through us.

Are you still there? 🙂

To reserve a puppy (or be on the waiting list) you must fill out the reservation form/questionnaire. all puppies and family dogs have different needs, different temperaments. This questionnaire is used to identify your lifestyle, needs and intentions, in order to match you with the best possible life partner.  If you already own a Doberman, we don’t want to waste your time with what you probably already know, but if it’s your first Doberman or your first puppy, we want you to be prepared for what can happen, this form is the same for adult dogs (retired from breeding, return of an adopter).

Reservation form