Our dogs are our passion and our way of life. Although they are terribly spoiled, we do not humanize them, we respect their nature and needs to the best of our ability. We must not put our heads in the sand either, the human world is not the most suitable for our friends the canines. But we do our best and to the best of our knowledge to give them a healthy environment and a happy life among us. It is important that you understand the nuance before engaging with one of our puppies/dogs. They are not substitutes, they are not human babies, they are not emotional crutches, they are unique beings in their own right with their nature, needs and personality.

In addition to being cuddled, one of the fundamental needs of our dogs is to have a job, a reason to be. Whether it is fantasy tricks at home, conformation, canine sport, real work or an engaging activity with humans, the Doberman is a useful dog and is at his happiest when he feels… useful!

Our reproducers come from working lines mixed with show lines. They are more active, have more drive, have more bite, they are lively, alert and voluntary, more than the average Doberman. These are not the kind of dogs that would suit everyone. In Quebec, we have mostly American Doberman breeders and show lineage. As a general rule (there are always exceptions and nuances), they are dogs with less drive and are less active than their cousins the Europeans.

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