Cosmin Von Schwarzer Stolz 

Our beautiful Gump, from litter C, is looking for a new home. His first family could not keep him anymore and we decided with them it was best to find this awesome dog a new family.

C Litter, Nov. 22, 2020
Dam: UKC CH. And Princess Yolanda Thea YTT, TT, CSAU, NTD, MBV (Theia)
Sire: CH. Dobereich’s Made You Look TT (Loki)
He has been taken care of by one of our collaborators for over 2 weeks now. He has also been evaluated by a few people in various situations. Everyone thinks he is stable, confident, energetic, obedient, willing, and has a huge desire to learn and work. We think he has a beautiful drive for sports or work. He is really gifted and understands (often too quickly) how to do things (right or wrong 😉 ).
Since he is still very young mentally (large dogs mature pretty slowly), he needs structure and boundaries that are very very very clear. He should never have an opportunity to cross the lines. Since his arrival, he understood quickly our expectations and he complies.
▪️ Crate trained (Long, silent nights. Complains during the day).
▪️ Nice leash walking
▪️ Advanced general obedience
▪️ A joy to play with (ball, tug, etc.)
▪️ No fears, anxiety or insecurities
▪️ No destruction, however he was never given a chance to destroy something (always under surveillance)
▪️ No excessive barking
▪️ Very small reactivity to things he does not know. He quickly turns to his handler to know what to do and prefers to engage than to keep reacting.
▪️ Has not been raised with children. It is obvious he would be excited and push them over.
▪️ He does not have much liking towards strangers and even other people of the family. He really is focused on his main handler, and will definitely be fulfilled if he has a fusional relationship with one person.
The most important issue that has to be addressed is his excitement at home. He becomes quickly excited and tries to interact with everything and everyone (very typical of a young energetic male). In 2 weeks, with clearly established expectations and alternating between clear play, engagement, calm and rest sessions, he has already evolved. This point should be worked in priority with him with a lot of neutral moments, crate time and resting. This will help him relax between moments that stimulate him (play, training, etc), otherwise he will be restless and unmanageable, because he still does not understand his boundaries and his tiredness.
Anything noted here is just a normal description of a dog with a drive. I am mentioning this clearly so people who do not have that experience don’t waste time trying to be considered as potential adopters.
The best fit for him is this type of person :
▪️ Experienced, calm, consistent
▪️ Knows about working/high intensity dogs and if possible knows about dobermans too
▪️ Has time, will and knowledge to train the dog into a sport so he is fulfilled and his potentiel fully explored. *****Sport here has a different meaning than a person who is “active”. In this definition, sport does not mean running 10km a day or being outdoorsy. We are addressing this to people who know about canine sports*****
He will be able to live with other dogs, however it will have to be structured. As mentioned, he is confident and at an age where dogs tend to test other dogs’ limits. He has not shown any aggressive behavior towards other dogs. He met (never completely loose) intact and spayed/neutered males and females. Despite this, his canine language is excellent : no food/toy/human/ressource possession
I will gladly repeat this : he MUST go into a family that knows working type dogs and that knows what structure, consistency and drive management means. He is not just a family dog. He can be a good family dog if he is seriously channeled in a sport involving work with his human.
For more information on him,  his parents, health tests, warranty, contract, etc… send us a message.
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