Aria Von Schwarzer Stolz


Aria is the first bitch in our breeding program that proudly wears the name Schwarzer Stolz. She was born on July 15, 2019, from the litter A (Dalia x Egon vom Koby Haus). 
Regarding her health, we can say that she is perfect. Every recommended health test for the Doberman has a result from normal to excellent (see details below). She has a quite active lifestyle, which made us measure her great endurance and a strong physical constitution. 
Her personality is adorable : she is really sweet, kind, curious, obedient and very drawn towards humans, and she is comfortable in the presence of strangers. Even though she is not a pure working dog, she is excellent in tricks, advanced obedience and she is starting to be confident in IGP, which she has been discovering for almost 2 years (IGP is a German sport which works obedience, tracking and protection). She is also a very thorough hiker, and she is good on a sled, and on jogging with a harness. 
Aria is a dog that has only one purpose in life : be with her human. This feature from her breed stands out. Her only goal is to spend a maximum of time with her human, and to please her and make her proud. 
A number of puppies have stayed with her for a short time (while they were transitioning to their forever home). Every time, she took care of them with patience and sensitivity. She was a sister, a leader and a guide for them. We are really looking forward to see her care for hew own puppies. 
As of the beginning of year 2022, she had acquired 3 official titles. When she was 14 months, she made a Temperament Test, passed in Barrie, Ontario. During the following year, she gained two Trick Dog Titles (Novice and Intermediate). For each level, she had to do a number of tricks with various difficulties. Summer 2021, the team formed by Aria and her handler passed a CSAU (Certificat de sociabilité et d’aptitude à l’utilisation), which is an obedience/temperament test passed by beginners in French Ring. They had a blast, experiencing a real trial context with spectators, with a 100-feet recall to do! 
For her excellent health, and her temper compatible with an active lifestyle, we are proud to present her in our breeding program and we are looking forward to share our projects with you.  

July 2021
C.S.A.U (Certificat de Sociabilité et d’Aptitude à l’Utilisation)

Aria passed her C.S.A.U.
at the Ring Club of Sainte-Sophie

January 2021
Intermediate Trick Dog

Aria passed her Intermediate Trick Dog ( ITD).

September 2020
Temperament Test

Aria passed her temperament test organized by Barry Kennel & Obedience Club inc.
The temperament test was under ” Temperament Test Associates Canada”

Health Tests




DCM1 PDK4 May be associated with Cardiomyopathy Clear
DCM2 May be associated with Cardiomyopathy Clear
VWD1 Von Willbrand’s Diease Clear
DM Degenerative Myelopathy Clear
MDR1 Multidrug sensivity Clear
GPT Liver enzyme disorder Clear
DINGS Deafness associated with vestibular dysfunction Clear
TPO Congenital Hypothyroidism Clear
CAERF Eye test requested by OFA Normal
Gène de dilution Not present DD
Couleur de la Robe DPCA type of color (BBDD) #1 Noir
HC Hereditary Cataracts Clear
EEG 2021 Normal
Holter 2021 Normal
Hanches et coudes ( OFA ) to detect problems related to dysplasia Excellent
Rotules ( OFA ) To detect knee problems Normal
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